About Us

We at Galm Nails & Spa are commitled to bringing you. our valued customer, exceptional services and
products to enhance your beauty and wellness in a beautiful relaxing environment. Our spa is staffed
by highly trained professionals who are commitled to exceed your expectations. Cleanliness and
sanitization is our priority StarNails & Spa sanitizes implements by beginning wilh anti-bacteria
soap, then implements are immersed in EPA registered hospital disinfectant liquid, which kills
bacteria, viruses, and fungus, and finally, the implements are placed in sterilization pouch.
Our spa chairs are cleaned and disinfected ofter each use. We use disposable liners in our foot spa
tubs with every pedicure. New disposable files; buffers; nail pushers and pumice bars are used with
every client and all metal instruments are sanitized between clients.
Giff certificates available – Walk-ins welcome/appointments recommended.